Jiffy Charge – India’s Power Bank Sharing Service

There is no denying the fact that over time smartphones have gone on to be a massive part of our lives which is indispensable. From net banking to finding out locations there’s nothing that smartphones don’t help us in. The roles that a smartphone plays in our everyday lives is very powerful and their influence is undeniable. Hence through every step of life, we must have our smartphones next to us. But with the fast-paced lives where smartphones are used almost every minute, it’s often a hard job to take out time to charge the phones completely.

Also, a faraway trip with lots of errands and photos may result in draining all of your phone’s battery. But worry no more as with India’s first-ever power bank sharing, you can charge your phones in a jiffy without having to bother hard as to how to charge your phone. Charge your phone anywhere on the go. The oddities of luxuries, power banks or portable batteries have become crucial lifesavers. While mobile devices become more powerful, batteries become less removable and less capable of catching up with the round the clock usage of the phones. A boon for the people who are always on the go, you no longer have to worry about the unavailability of plug points, stand at stops for hours to get your phones charged.

Why opt for power bank rentals?

  • There’s the leading question as to why opt for a power bank rental service when one can easily buy one. If you’ve ever been into power banks, you will be well aware of the fact that it’s really hard to maintain one. To charge your phones as well as the power banks is always a cumbersome process. Time-consuming, hectic and often forgetful as we are, the charging bank is kept uncharged. Also, there’s a good chance that we have them misplaced. With the power bank rentals, you can save yourself the need to have to keep a track of the power bank’s charge every day. An instant power bank rental service can not only save your day but also help you charge your device without any complications.
  • Easy to rent and easy to return. Power banks are heavy items and their maintenance and carriage require a lot more than said. But with easy return and renting policies, you can rent out a portable charger only when you need them instead of having to carry them all around. Moreover, with easy returns, you have multiple stops across the city to rent or return the portable chargers.
  • Multiple portable battery rentals have minimal steps that include downloading the app, scanning the code, taking the battery, using them and returning them once the phone is charged. Handy for most scenarios, they are easily accessible and are money invested at the right place. With normal power banks, it’s always a common issue to forget where they are kept in the house. As a result, you have to waste a good sum of money in renting out portable chargers while you’ve already invested in one of them while buying them permanently.

Though a relatively new concept, the power bank rentals have stormed into the mainstream market with a bang. There has been an increase in their demand given that they have increased ease of accessibility and are always readily available anytime anywhere. From dysfunctional chargers to having your phone left uncharged because of basic human errors, let nothing stop you from having the best day with a fully charged phone. Give additional life to your battery so you never miss out a moment in life.

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