Kundli Matching without Birth Details

According to Hindu Dharma Sutras, any couple who are willing to marry each other need to match their Kundli by comparing the Natal Charts. Life never gives you only happiness or only sadness for so long. It is a mixed emotional journey where god tests you by providing various tasks. People can solve not all of them, and sometimes you need astrologer help.

You may assume that problems as your fate but no one knows about the impact of planetary position on human life. Checking your daily horoscope might give you information about a particular day. But it is not easy to know your future unless you are an astrologer or you belong to a family of saints. People from various locations follow the tradition of checking the Natal charts of the bride and groom before moving to marriage. It is much believed that people who don’t check Kundli Matching before marriage are prone to troubles in future.

If there is any mismatch between the couple, it can be known earlier when you consult an astrologer.

To calculate the points scored by a couple in Kundli Matching, date of Birth information is mandatory. You might have seen various portals offering online Kundli matchmaking services using birth details and name. In these days, almost everyone has the details with regards to their date of birth. But there are a few people who don’t have exact information to check Natal charts. At the same time, some people provide approximate birth details for Kundli matching and finalize the marriage proposals. Remember, giving incorrect details or incorrect birth details will not make a perfect match.

The Kundli match matching software will render the information based on the details you enter. If the details entered are not the exact ones, the couple who are going to marry may get into troubles in future. Astrologers have different ways to calculate the birth details, but providing the name will be enough for Kundli Milan. Because the names will be assigned based on the birth star of the child and it can help you to find the right match.

The magical bond between two people is something special, and it cannot be described in words. To create such a magical bond, you need to choose the right partner. To balance the equation called marriage, one needs to check how their Kundli works. It is much easier for an astrologer to provide Kundli Milan details if you don’t have an exact time because Date of Birth and place of birth will be enough. Based on the position of Nakshatra, an astrologer can determine your Kundli. As the name will be given to child based on Nakshatra, one can use the name to check Kundli Match making. People who are in love will not check these details as their tastes have matched, and they know each other. However, astrologers say that it is much essential to check astrologer and remove the doshas if there were any. As per the Vedic Astrology, atleast one proof of birth will be considered by an astrologer to check the Birth chart of a person.

Any couple willing to marry and want to check their Natal details without date of Birth or Place of Birth or Birth time can contact us. In most of the areas, match making works only if Gun Milan points seems to be at the acceptable level. The position of planets and stars will have a great impact on the couple if the score is less than 17. So make sure to provide valid details for Kundli matching and find the right person who can be a perfect partner of yours.

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