Mammograms’ Role in Early Breast Cancer Detection

The WHO (World Health Organization) states that breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. It is a condition where a malignant tumor is formed in the breast tissue. It can be treated quickly when detected early, and a mammogram is the best way to do it.

According to medical experts, getting a mammogram done can not only help in choosing the right treatment method but can also improve the survival rate of patients.

Women above 35 or 40 should go for a mammography test in Bangalore or anywhere else, even if they don’t experience any common breast cancer symptoms like the formation of lumps in the breast, swelling or changes in appearance, redness or pain in the breast or nipple area, discharge from nipples, and more.

What is a mammogram?

A mammogram uses X-ray images and screens the breast for the presence of malignant tumors. In this process, your breast is placed between two plates to get clear images of the breast tissues. These images give a clear picture and help detect issues that cannot be understood only by a physical examination by the doctor.

Mammograms are quick, painless, and extremely helpful in detecting breast cancer at an early stage. Breast cancer is usually divided into four stages, starting from 0 to 4.  Getting a mammogram will help you detect the cancer in stage 0 itself.

This is the stage when the cancerous cells (if detected) are present only in the ducts or the lobules in the breast. A mammography test in Bangalore will help you detect cancer at this stage when it has not spread to the nearby breast tissues.

Thus, treatment and recovery are far quicker than they would have been if you had found out that you had breast cancer when the ailment was already in stage 3 or 4.

How do mammograms help in detecting breast cancer early?

Using low-dose X-rays, mammograms can help detect the cancerous cells in your breast even before you actually feel the symptoms. So, if you have a family history of breast cancer, your doctor would recommend you opt for a mammogram once you turn 40, so that you can spot the issue even before you begin to feel the discomfort.

This way, your chances of recovery and survival are definitely quite promising. Sometimes, mammograms need to be accompanied by a few screening tests, ultrasounds, and other procedures to get an absolutely clear image of the breast tissue and detect the cancer.

However, it cannot be denied that a mammogram is the basic test that doctors rely upon to study and treat breast cancer in women of all ages.

Opting for modern mammography

When you want to undergo a mammography test in Bangalore or any location of your choice, it is a good idea to choose a diagnostic center in Bangalore that offers 3D mammography services.

With a 3D mammography test, you can be sure of getting 100% accurate and error-free images, thereby helping the doctor to understand the issue correctly and start treatment accordingly. Though 3D mammograms are more expensive than their traditional 2D counterparts, they are very popular.

This is because 3D  mammograms eliminate the need for follow-up imaging, as the reports come right the first time, every time.  Also, these modern 3D mammograms can help detect the presence of cancerous cells even in dense breast tissues, something that 2D mammograms can miss.

Bottom Line

Breast cancer, if not detected in its early stages, can become quite complicated with the cancerous cells spreading to the lymph, tissues, and other areas around the breast.

Treatment of breast cancer at this stage can be quite painful and expensive for the patients. The downside is that the chances of recovery keep getting slimmer with the spread of these cancerous cells.

Hence, it is a prudent idea for women over 40 to opt for regular mammograms and detect cancerous cells (if any) at the early stages, where recovery and treatment are quite simple.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Foldable Bed

Today, with homes becoming small and families becoming smaller, you can see a lot of demand for affordable and functional small living spaces. When not designed or decorated properly, these small spaces can look cluttered and cramped, thereby causing inconvenience to the residents.

This is where the concept of space-saving furniture comes into play. These types of furniture come in many sizes, patterns and designs. Foldable beds, however, are one of the most popular of the lot.

Regardless of whether you choose a king size bed or a queen size bed, these foldable beds don’t come cheap. So, it is only natural that you remember the following tips to buy the best quality bed that lasts for a long time, giving you good value for your money.

  • Structure and quality of the frame

You must spend considerable time and research studying the dimensions, structure and quality of the frame before buying foldable beds. Remember that you buying them to save space; therefore, they need to fit the bill perfectly.

Buy lightweight but durable beds that are made to last in all types of conditions. The quality should be sturdy enough to handle the daily usage. Usually, you might fold up the bed during the day, and unfold it at night. So, you should choose a frame that is made for these tasks.

  • Flexibility is important

Foldable beds may look lightweight and thinner than normal beds, but they should be flexible enough to cater to your requirements. It is a good idea to buy foldable beds with lockable wheels, so that the bed stays firm in its place when you use it.

Check how well it folds and unfolds practically in the store, to know if the quality of the bed is flexible for your standards.

  • Type and quality of the mattress

When choosing a foldable bed, you have to give equal importance to the quality of the mattress as well. Never buy the ones that come with thick, padded and spongy mattresses, as they are not suited for all seasons.

Always opt for a high-quality, branded and sturdy mattress that is not only comfortable, but also good for your body. Ergonomically designed mattresses are highly popular today, for this purpose.

  • Longevity and functionality

Whether you buy a king size bed or a queen size bed, you should always look for two factors – longevity and functionality. Invest in a bed that is designed to last for many years. This way, you can enjoy the returns of your investment for a very long time.

Functionality is key when it comes to choosing space-saving furniture. Foldable beds are no different from this rule. Choose folding beds that come with storage compartments at the sides or underneath. This will give you enough space to keep your bedding materials, clothes and other essentials without cluttering your space.

  • Portability

Sometimes, when you have guests over, you might have to move the foldable bed from your bedroom to the living room. During other times, you might want to clear up your bedroom to accommodate a study table for your kids during the day.

It becomes important to move your foldable beds for reasons like these. So, it only makes sense that you choose a foldable bed that can be easily moved from one place to another, without any hassles. The quality and structure of the bed, though durable, must be made from lightweight materials to cater to your requirements.

Today, you can find foldable beds not only in small homes, but also in dormitories, recreational vehicles, and the like. Their scope of use is increasing every day, with more people choosing these beds for their ease of use, convenience, portability and durability.

Following these tips will definitely help you choose the right model of foldable beds, so that you can enjoy all the benefits that they offer.


How to Choose the Best Ultrasound Center

Has your doctor advised you to go for an ultrasound to understand the exact issue in the internal workings of your tissues and organs? Well, you don’t have anything to worry about in that case, because there are quite a few places where you can get a proper 3D/4D ultrasound in Bangalore.

Since there are too many ultrasound centers in the city, it is quite natural for you to be confused while choosing the right one. Here, we give you some basic tips to keep in mind to get your tests done in the best diagnostic center Bangalore.

Expertise of the radiologists

An ultrasound may be a painless and simple process, but you still need to get it done at a place that is run by professionals. It is a good idea for you to know more about the qualifications, experience, expertise and license of the radiologists before choosing a particular ultrasound center.

A qualified radiologist will put you at ease and guide you well throughout the process, thereby making you as comfortable as possible.

Technology used at the diagnostic center

Thanks to the advancement in technology, you can easily get a 3D/4D ultrasound in Bangalore. These give accurate and crystal-clear images of your internal organs, helping the doctor to precisely diagnose the issue and start you on proper medication. So, you have to choose an ultrasound center that has the state–of–the–art technology and equipment installed.

This becomes even more important for pregnant women requiring frequent scans, as the latest technology will help capture fetal developments accurately.

Relevant accreditation

If you want to get an ultrasound in the best diagnostic center in Bangalore, you should invest considerable time and effort in researching the top centers in your locality. Check if they have the relevant accreditation’s and the license to operate in that particular place.

Please note that only those diagnostic centers that are reliable and accurate would receive valid accreditation’s from the relevant authorities. When you choose such centers, you will not put your health at risk.

Approach to patients

Check for online reviews and references to see the diagnostic center’s approach towards its patients. Do they give proper guidance to patients before the ultrasound? Are the radiologists patient enough to calm the nerves of anxious patients? Do the staff members at the diagnostic center answer patients’ questions properly?

Are there proper facilities like drinking water, toilets, seating facilities and the like at the center? Are the charges of the tests in line with the standards specified? These are some of the questions you should check for when choosing the best diagnostic center Bangalore for your tests.

Efficiency of report delivery

Choose an ultrasound center that wastes no time in sending you the reports after the test. Today, most of the recognized centers send you soft copies of the reports on the same day of the test. When you get the reports quickly, you can get them analyzed by your doctor at the earliest, thereby getting to know the accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible.


If your doctor specifically asks you to take a 3D/4D Ultrasound in Bangalore, you have to be very careful in choosing centers that have the proper technology for these reports. When in doubt, ask around to narrow down to some of the best choices of ultrasound centers in your city, and choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

It is a good idea to check the website of these ultrasound centers, and read through customer testimonials to know their approach to patients and the way they operate. This will help you understand if that ultrasound center is the right choice for you.


Space-saving furniture solutions for your bedroom

Making smart choices is very important when it comes to choosing space-saving furniture solutions for your bedroom. A slight out-of-the-box idea can bring about a marked transformation in your room’s floor space. Do you want to give a stunning makeover to your bedroom and make it look more spacious and bigger than before? Here are some ideas you can try out:

Adjustable Study Table

If you are looking for a multi-functional, space-saving furniture solution, an adjustable study table is a great choice for you. As you would have already guessed, you can adjust it to different heights to suit different purposes like a laptop table, study table, cutting vegetables, keeping books, eating table and more. An adjustable study table is quite affordable, and the best part of this furniture piece is that it is portable. If you don’t want it to occupy space in your bedroom, you can put it in the living room.

Foldable double bed

A bed occupies almost the entire space in your bedroom. So, you may be left with no space for other furniture pieces in this part of your home. This is where, a foldable double bed comes to your rescue. Traditional double beds are quite big, and you hardly have any room to walk about in bedrooms that have these types of beds.

However, a foldable double bed, is a very practical solution for small homes. This one can be folded when not in use, and can be mounted against the wall, thereby saving a great deal of space. You can unmount this bed only at night when there is a need for it. That’s a pretty cool solution to make the most of your floor space, isn’t it?

Foldable tables

A modified version of an adjustable study table is the folded table. If you don’t want tables of any height in your place to create any kind of clutter, you can invest in foldable tables. These can be easily folded, and mounted against the wall when not in use. One of the modern ideas for foldable tables is to have interesting artwork on the backside of the tables. This way, when these tables are mounted against the wall, they look like beautiful art pieces. Watch your guests get surprised, as you unmount the art piece and reveal a table from it!

Using mirror with shelves

You would definitely want a mirror in your master bedroom. An interesting feature that you can implement while setting up your small home is to buy a mirror with shelves at the sides or beneath. You can store your toiletries, house keys, glasses and other essentials on these shelves in an organised manner.

Using reading lamp with shelves

Are you an avid reader? If yes, you would definitely have a reading lamp at your bedside. You can consider investing in reading lamps with multiple storage units, in this case. This way, you can make the most of your bedroom floor space, and can keep all your books and stationery in one place without making your room look cluttered.

Using bunk beds

When you have kids at home, bunk beds are the best idea to save a great deal of your floor space. Having stairs to connect the different bunks of the bed can also be used as good storage spaces as well.

Bottom Line

The key to making the most of the space in your bedroom is to use smart space-saving furniture in the right places.  With more and more nuclear families wanting to live in small homes, the demand for space-saving furniture solutions is always on the rise. So, don’t be surprised to get to know more innovative space-saving solutions that are sure to transform your spaces in the future!


Latest Space-Saving Furniture Trends for 2023

With the ever-increasing population in almost all the urban and rural areas of the world, the demand for real estate is at an all-time high. Small apartments, cramped spaces, and narrow walkways are the norms in many homes today.

However, did you know that you could make your small home look big enough by investing in some smart space-saving furniture pieces? Well, here are the latest trends in such furniture that you can consider putting your money in.

Foldable furniture

A foldable table, chair, or desk is never going to go out of vogue. Foldable furniture pieces are a must-buy, if you are looking for space-saving furniture pieces to make your home look compact and spacious.

A foldable table can be used only when needed, thereby saving you a lot of space to navigate through in your home. When not in use, you can fold this table and keep it under a cabinet, mount it on a wall, or store it anywhere else compactly to give you a lot of room.

Wall-mounted units

According to interior décor experts, investing in vertical storage sets is the best way to make your compact room spacious and comfortable. The best form of vertical storage furniture pieces is wall-mounted units.

Having a wall-mounted table makes your kitchen or living room appear to be clutter-free. You can easily unmount the table, whenever a need arises. You can also consider investing in wall-mounted shelves in some of the corners of the room. This will not only give you more room for storage but also improve the visual appeal of your home.

Sofa beds

If you are looking for an evergreen space-saving furniture trend, sofa beds are a great choice. Space saving sofa beds make your living room absolutely functional and compact. You can pull out a bed from the sofa during the night, and convert it back into a sofa in the morning to save a lot of space. You can also move the sofa bed to your bedroom if you need more space in the living room. 

Furniture with built-in storage cabinets

It is a good idea to invest in furniture that comes with built-in storage cabinets, instead of installing separate storage compartments or shelves in your home. This way, you can make your home look minimalistic and modern at the same time.

Today, you will find different styles of tables and beds with built-in storage cabinets. Beds with storage cabinets, especially, are very popular, as you can store all bedding-related stuff like pillows, blankets, duvets, etc. in one place.

Wraparound shelves

One of the clever ideas to make your small living room look beautiful and big is to invest in wraparound shelves. These are not very costly, but they can bring about an instant makeover to the overall look of your living room.

Apart from storing items you use regularly, these shelves can also be used as display boards or showcases, where you can arrange beautiful artifacts or photos to add a new vibe to your place.

Vertical shoe storage units

Today, men and women, especially youngsters, have many types of footwear to match their different styles of dressing. So, a good space-saving idea to store them is to invest in a vertical shoe storage unit. This way, you can neatly arrange the different pairs of shoes without any clutter.

Picking the pair you want is very easy, when you store your footwear neatly this way. Also, a vertical shoe storage cabinet doesn’t occupy too much floor space. So, this multipurpose unit is a good investment and one of the most sought-after space-saving furniture trends today. If you own many styles of footwear, this is the perfect choice for you!


Impact Of Good UI UX On User Engagement And Retention

Taking advantage of a good UI /UX design is more important than most people realize.

Technological advancement in the 21st century has never been so rapid. Everyone wants to experience and have the best technology and not waste valuable time in the process.

The same is true when it comes to accessing websites or mobile apps. This is where users are especially impatient. Users get frustrated every time a page does not load fast enough, or an app takes too long to open. 

For brands and businesses with an active online presence, this could be bad news. It could ruin their reputation and even severely affect their marketing strategies and revenue. This all goes to show how valuable a well-designed UI /UX is. Below are some examples of the benefits that UI /UX designing services has for businesses.

1. Improves customer acquisition

Customer acquisition simply means getting new customers. This process is about convincing customers that a company’s product or service is worth their hard-earned money. Customer acquisition needs a lot of planning and strategy. Use many strategies when acquiring new customers, one of which is ease of use.

A good user experience provides businesses with a competitive advantage in gaining and retaining their customers. The more esthetically pleasing a brand’s website design is,  the more intuitive its features are, the easier it is to build trust.

The greater the chance that the brand will attract users and potentially convert them into customers. A good UI /UX design is often a better strategy for gaining new customers than price.

2. Helps with customer retention

Just like customer acquisition, customer retention as well requires prior strategy and forethought. The strategy used to retain customers should allow the company to provide and maintain value to its existing customer base.

Companies must put as much effort into customer retention as they do into customer acquisition. With customer retention strategies, a business builds strong relationships with its customers while maximizing revenue from them.

If you create a business application that is intuitive and beautiful, more people will want to see and use it. And more importantly, they will want to continue using it.

Imagine an online store with a beautiful mobile app that’s easy to navigate and order from. Even if customers do not want to buy, they are more likely to choose and buy the items they like if browsing is easy.

3. Optimizes development time and cost

It is known that a well-designed app or website is just. People hate apps that are buggy, crash frequently, and have an outdated design. All these reasons suggest that brands and businesses should hire a professional web design agency. With their service, they can integrate an optimized UI /UX, saving time and money.

Companies that integrate UI /UX design into the development process can easily identify and fix usability issues during and after development. This makes sure that the design is scalable and flexible to grow with users in the future.

4. Increased productivity

Today, almost all businesses need a cohesive interface to help their business market its products and services profitably. 

It can be difficult for employees to work with outdated reward and engagement systems. Using a good UI /UX design can help streamline layouts and menus that encourage engagement. It can also help motivate employees to complete their tasks effectively.

A good UI /UX system can also reduce errors and promote a smoother workflow for employees. A practical tip in this regard would be to use bright colors and highlight relevant content so that users can see the vital information at a glance. This will help them to focus on the essential information without having to.


Aluminium UPVC Windows and Doors Advantages

Have you ever been fed up with your wooden doors decaying and rotting, sometimes wearing off, and where termites become your uninvited guest, and you have to put up a fight with your doors and windows during seasonal variations?

Then you have found the right page. Yes, here I will be talking about some technologically advanced materials introduced in the market and proven to be far better than wood and will soon occupy most of your residential and workplace. It is an aluminium UPVC material.

So let me bring in the pros of Aluminium doors and windows to spotlight:

  1.  Durability:

  Doors and windows made of Aluminium are durable; why is it so? Because they have a long lifespan with their high strength, do not wear off easily, have natural corrosion resistance properties, and are termite and pest-free.

  1. Maintenance? as easy as it is:

Need not worry at all. They need to clean twice a year. To carry out this stress-free task, you will just need soap water to keep them squeaky clean.

  1. All hail the aesthetic Aluminium:

A big bye to those metallic, industrial looking silver coloured Aluminium. Say Hi! These new Aluminium doors and windows come in a variety of colors and frames and matte and glossy finishes. The Powder coating technology can change the old silver hue to black and charcoal grey color. Since Aluminium is stronger, it can be constructed into a slimmer frame and hold a large glass area.

  1. Cost effectiveness:

Yes, they are cheaper than wood. So there is no need for huge investments.

  1. Eco friendliness:

You can recycle aluminium many times and reuse them. You can recycle even your old Aluminium, and make a new one out of it.

    It also has low carbon footprints.

  1. Enjoy every season:

Winters are usually troublesome when we use wooden doors, but in Aluminium, there is no seasonal swelling or warping.

7. What is this Bushfire Attack System?  Since Aluminium has a high melting point, unlike wood that gets burnt in fire accidents, its feature indicates its resistance to fire.

8. Aluminium is also said to be robust in nature and so can be used in large construction works, schools, hospitals, and workplaces.

With Aluminium by itself giving so many benefits, is there anything in the market better than this? It might be the question arising in your mind. Yes, there is! UPVC or Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. Unplasticized means there are no additives added during the manufacturing process of PVC.

Pros of UPVC include:

  • Unlike brittle plastics, this UPVC is much stronger.
  • These materials are highly durable and stiffer, resistant to wear, and do not rot or decay; they are Termite proof, constructed with smooth inner walls and facilitates water flow. 
  • They exhibit good fire resistance.
  • Unlike wood that exhibits some amount of shrinkage during winter, which makes them get stuck and takes a lot of effort to open, uPVC saves you from all these difficulties as it doesn’t shrink or expand with changing seasons.
  • It can tolerate high temperatures.
  • Unlike Aluminium which radiates heat, uPVC does not radiate heat or cold.

And it also seals air-conditioned rooms, so a significant saving on our electricity bill!

  •     It stands by the theme “Go Green ” yes, they are recyclable, lead and PPA-free.
  • It demands low maintenance, and you can clean easily.
  • This is the best material for countries like India, Africa where mosquitoes and diseases are very common. UPVC comes here to play by making available provision for mosquito nets
  • Use uPVC doors and frames ,it saves much time since there is not much carpentry work needed; just measure the space, followed by installation. It is that simple.
  •  Urban cities with noisy neighborhoods commonly we find, no need to worry. UPVC got it all covered. Soundproof glasses install along with it.
  • With all these features, what about safety measures; we give it a triple plus, with the availability of multiple lock points.
  •  UPVC also covers the Aesthetic aspect, and it is available in a variety of colors, and does not wear/fade easily.
  • Above all, uPVC received “the green building concept” approval since they are free from lead and other hazardous substances.

With all these features in mind, the only question that pops up in your mind is, Is it costly? Absolutely NO! It is much cheaper than Aluminium and Wood.

Stronger, Yet Sleeker:

       Individually Aluminium and UPVC have their advantages. Newer technology has combined the benefits of both of these and has developed Aluminium UPVC windows and doors which are more effective, absolutely no maintenance and after all its cheaper.

It has good insulation properties, and we can enjoy every season and weather condition with these, aesthetic with a variety of shade ranges and stronger.

Security? We are on watch; it is absolutely burglar safe, pest resistant and durable, and a variety of style range is available.

So why wait? Let’s start innovating our society with these new Aluminium UPVC doors and windows, which I am sure will be a revolution in the fenestration industry.


Pichwai Paintings- The Immortals Artwork

India is a country with many castes, creeds, religions, and cultures. It is a place where different religious people live together peacefully and happily, despite different cultures.

It is surrounded with thousand years old temples and worship places which is still appreciated and visited. India is the home of many religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. They are distinguished from culture and ethics.

When it comes to religion, people describe or publicize their beliefs, faith, culture, and custom through art. There is an alluring connection between art and religion.

It shows drawing out about the culture they follow and what is their perception about things? What is the story behind the art? There are some stories hidden in the arts, which are described in the form of art.

Let us take the example of Pichwai Paintings. This is a type of painting that was introduced 400 years ago in India, Rajasthan, Udaipur, in the town called Nathdwara. It is art made in cloth and is beautifully painted and hanged as a curtain back to the idol of Srinathji.

What led to the origin of Pichwai Painting?

In the late 16th century, artists used to paint many arts in cloths and ply them in temples; this led to the origination of Pichwai Paintings. The main motive behind Pichwai Paintings is to unfold the story of Krishna.

The idol is a beautiful posture of Krishna with the right hand around the waist, and the left hand raised above like holding a mountain.

It was originally introduced in Govardhan temple in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, but due to a sudden attack by the Mughals, the caretaker had to get away; during their travel, the idol got stuck in a place called Sihad on Banas River, which made the devotees accept it as a signal that the idol is willing to settle down here.

Therefore this gave birth to a town, Nathdwara. People of various professions wholeheartedly worked towards taking care of and developing the temple.

Paintings were made describing the story of Krishna. Then Nathdwara began to be well known for festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Janmashtami, Govardhan puja, and many more festivals connected to Lord Krishna.

To represent the different phases of Krishna, Pichwai Paintings became popular and were hung behind the idols.

This painting dangled on the temple wall and became so popular slowly that it led to being known as Nathdwara paintings. And it became so famous that every household had it as their wall painting. It also comes with other illustrations like trees, cows, peacocks, and floral designs, etc.

Now, it is advertised as a collector item by Anil Relia, who has been coming up with various miniature paintings. He has recently published two books on the art form and the artists: “Portraits of devotion” and “The Portal to Shrinathji”.

Researchers have found that the Pichwai Paintings have been compared with Pattachitra Art of Odisha, which was started as a symbol of faithfulness to Lord Jagannath of Puri.  

What are the Initiatives taken today?

In this pandemic situation, it has become really difficult to entertain the physical presence of the public to advertise such paintings like Pichwai Paintings in the museum.

Many initiatives have been making rounds to keep and encourage such contemporary work and make the people and even youngsters know about such breathtaking and amazing skills.

Digitalization is an alternative for this where people can be aware, and there is a chance of increasing engagement among themselves and also with the culture and new creations.

An online program can be conducted so that the people and youth altogether can have a virtual visit to the museums for advertising those fine artwork.


India is one of the most beautiful cultures, so as the Pichwai Paintings introduced by them. There are many other arts like this which need to be introduced in the upcoming future. Let’s initiate interest and join hands to make our culture even more popular and great to be recognized in history.


What Makes ‘IamHere’ apart from social media and communities?

With the advent of Covid-19 in the past two years, life has changed drastically. While the world got caught in the interiors of the houses, technology was the only means of communication. The demand for online resources rose to a great extent. 

The technological requirements were plenty, and people all across the globe were trying to fulfil them. Meanwhile, we realized that there were no ways we could connect with the people nearby. Although we knew the significance of several online platforms, the pandemic made us aware of it even more. The present situation made social media a vital aspect of life. 

WhatsApp was present, but it did not allow us to contact our neighbourhood. However, it was not appropriate to get in touch with the nearby stores. It is not possible to keep the contact numbers of all the shops and store them forever. Sometimes the nearby grocery stores do not even have a proper telephone connection. That’s where the problem existed. 

We have Facebook, but practically, it’s to connect with friends all over the world except your neighbourhood. You cannot communicate with your neighbour or the stores in your locality through this. Google Maps tried to introduce such features like this, but it will take time to formulate. 

Even though lockdowns were lifted, they did not end such problems. With restrictions imposed everywhere, it would be best if we could trace people to solve our issues nearby.  There were several kinds of issues, and somehow every issue had its solution in the neighbourhood. 

However, it was not possible to go searching around for people all the time. This seemed the correct time to unite social media and the communities. We wanted people who could repair our electronic devices, different store owners, and many other people. It was essential to connect with people nearby. 

IamHere is the key to all such problems. Neighbourhoods got a whole new definition with IamHere. The founding members of Iamhere are Naren Kumar, Pratik Khade, and Deepa Karthik. It all started with a market survey within different cities conducted by the founder and his team. They tried to find out the several issues that people faced in their daily lives. 

One of the most repeated problems was that of not being able to contact people nearby. Something was needed that allowed people to meet with similar people and interact with them. They were unable to know about events nearby or any promotions. There were a lot of problems in collaborating with the nearby communities. 

These problems were the stepping stone of the idea which is IamHere now. It was these problems that led to the framework of this app. Thus it was a pathway to connect neighbourhoods. 

They tried to solve our day-to-day problems socially. The app connects people through chats from a map-driven discovery. It also allows the users to create stories and events to enhance social connections. There are even more additions to the IamHere app that will be made with time. It has inflated in ten cities all over the country, with almost 1 million users of the app. 

What makes IamHere Different? 

There are some points or features that distinguish the app from all other apps. It offers the customers to connect with people living nearby through one single platform. Be it your next-door neighbour, the person living just beside your apartment, people across streets, and many more. The social connection it offers is infinite. It combines public and private networks through secure networks and models. 

The app allows users to find people with the same hobby, business, or social causes. It is appropriate to connect with people for any purpose, be it work or casual. It allows you to set up a community with like-minded people. 

IamHere is responsible for digitizing neighbourhoods for various reasons. It utilizes the AI-powered location network to bring together neighbours and communities through a single social media platform. It is a hyper-local communication platform, bringing people living nearby together. 

Some of the recognitions won by IamHere

  • The AtmaNirbhar App challenge conducted by the Government of India is the first on the list of its recognition.
  • The Elevate grants of the Karnataka’s Government
  • It got massive appreciation from the Financial Express, Asia One, and Economic times.
  • The app is rated among the Top 10 social media apps present in the country. 


If social media communication is the question, then IamHere is providing the best answers to its customers. With a revolutionary concept of uniting communities, it is moving forward in the perfect direction. Looking at the current rate of expansion of the app within India, it will soon be prepared to rule the world.

This app has changed the everyday lives of people by bringing neighbours closer. Thus, IamHere is there to solve your daily needs and to bring innovation in your daily lives. The new era of social communities is here! 

Thanks for reading.


The Peninsular Plateau: Complete Features

The Peninsular plateau stands as a pinnacle of the geographical beauty of India. It covers large states of India like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana, Odisha, Karnataka, Tamil, Nadu, and Kerala.

Formation:  The peninsular plateau made from crystalline igneous and metamorphic rocks observes as the oldest landform created due to shifts in the tectonic plates in Gondwanaland. It is triangular with general elevation from west to east.

Location:  It stands above 900 meters above sea level to the coordinates of 14.0000° N, 77.0000° E. It stretches from Delhi ridge in the northwest, Rajmahal hills in the east, Gir range in the west, and cardamom hills in the south along a small part extending towards the northeast in the form of Karbi plateau and Shillong plateau.  

Geographical features: One of the most stable landmass houses physiographic features such as tors, hummocky hills, quartzite dykes, spurs, block mountains, ravines, bare rock structures, etc. It surrounds itself with three mountain ranges, The Aravallis, The Satpuras, and The Vindhyas. The peninsular plateau divides itself into three groups based on relief:

  1. The Deccan plateau: The Deccan plateau surrounds itself with Satpura in the north, western ghats in the west, and eastern ghats towards the east. The highest peak is located on the Anaimalai Hills of the western ghats. The most popular ranges in this plateau include Javadi hills, the Placonda range, the Nalllamanda hills, and the Mahendra Giri hills. A dense network of rivers Kaveri, Krishna, Godavari, and Indravati provide hydroelectric power, irrigation to crops, and fertile soil to cultivate popular food crops such as oilseeds, pulses, legumes, cereals, cotton. The region is rich in asbestos, mica, iron, and kyanite.
  2. The Central Highlands: The central Highlands stretch from the Aravalli hills west to the Satpura range in the south. After going through metamorphic processes, this region is rich with metamorphic rocks such as slate, marble, gneiss, etc. Black soil is prevalent in the areas of the plateau containing a considerable amount of sand. A bed of tropical dry teak forests along with Grewia, Woorfordia, Butea trees covers it.

            Tapi, Narmada, and Mahi rivers en route for the Arabian sea and Chambal and Betwa rivers towards the bay of Bengal comprise the dual drainage river system in the central highlands. 

  1. The Northeastern plateau: The northeastern plateau extended from the central Peninsular plateau due to exertion by the northeastward movement of the Indian plate during the origin of the Himalayas. The Meghalaya plateau standing detached from the center has three subdivisions of Garo hills, The Khasi hills, and the Jaintia hills. The Meghalaya plateau is rich in mineral resources such as coal, Sillimanite iron ore, limestone, Uranium, etc.

Cultural and recreational: The Deccan plateau was under some of the most prominent dynasties like The Satvahanas, The Pallavas, The Marathas, The Delhi sultanate, and the Nizam of Hyderabad. It was inherently under the influence of Dravidian culture reflected in the architecture of various temples and shrines embedded in the rich history of the tableland.

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Bordered by western and eastern ghats, it is rich in scenic beauty, and the ambient climate attracts tourists from across the world. Many hill stations such as Mahabaleshwar, Ooty, and Pachmarhi are on the Peninsular block.  

Flora and fauna:  Rich soil and sooting temperatures invite a variety of species to the tableland. The block sports a covering of thick forests ranging from thorny shrubs forests in Rajasthan to Tropical dry and moist deciduous forests in temperate areas of Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Jharkhand to tropical evergreen forests in Odisha.

Trees like Sheesham, sandalwood, teak, sal provide high commercial value. Find Animals such as Gaur, Tigers, Sloth bears, Antelopes, Blackbuck here.

Peninsular plateau standing holds prominence in India’s biodiversity with its high economic, social, agricultural, and geographical value. Characterized by rivers, Abundant minerals, fertile soil, and rich wildlife, it is indeed the heart of India.