Aluminium UPVC Windows and Doors Advantages

Have you ever been fed up with your wooden doors decaying and rotting, sometimes wearing off, and where termites become your uninvited guest, and you have to put up a fight with your doors and windows during seasonal variations?

Then you have found the right page. Yes, here I will be talking about some technologically advanced materials introduced in the market and proven to be far better than wood and will soon occupy most of your residential and workplace. It is an aluminium UPVC material.

So let me bring in the pros of Aluminium doors and windows to spotlight:

  1.  Durability:

  Doors and windows made of Aluminium are durable; why is it so? Because they have a long lifespan with their high strength, do not wear off easily, have natural corrosion resistance properties, and are termite and pest-free.

  1. Maintenance? as easy as it is:

Need not worry at all. They need to clean twice a year. To carry out this stress-free task, you will just need soap water to keep them squeaky clean.

  1. All hail the aesthetic Aluminium:

A big bye to those metallic, industrial looking silver coloured Aluminium. Say Hi! These new Aluminium doors and windows come in a variety of colors and frames and matte and glossy finishes. The Powder coating technology can change the old silver hue to black and charcoal grey color. Since Aluminium is stronger, it can be constructed into a slimmer frame and hold a large glass area.

  1. Cost effectiveness:

Yes, they are cheaper than wood. So there is no need for huge investments.

  1. Eco friendliness:

You can recycle aluminium many times and reuse them. You can recycle even your old Aluminium, and make a new one out of it.

    It also has low carbon footprints.

  1. Enjoy every season:

Winters are usually troublesome when we use wooden doors, but in Aluminium, there is no seasonal swelling or warping.

7. What is this Bushfire Attack System?  Since Aluminium has a high melting point, unlike wood that gets burnt in fire accidents, its feature indicates its resistance to fire.

8. Aluminium is also said to be robust in nature and so can be used in large construction works, schools, hospitals, and workplaces.

With Aluminium by itself giving so many benefits, is there anything in the market better than this? It might be the question arising in your mind. Yes, there is! UPVC or Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. Unplasticized means there are no additives added during the manufacturing process of PVC.

Pros of UPVC include:

  • Unlike brittle plastics, this UPVC is much stronger.
  • These materials are highly durable and stiffer, resistant to wear, and do not rot or decay; they are Termite proof, constructed with smooth inner walls and facilitates water flow. 
  • They exhibit good fire resistance.
  • Unlike wood that exhibits some amount of shrinkage during winter, which makes them get stuck and takes a lot of effort to open, uPVC saves you from all these difficulties as it doesn’t shrink or expand with changing seasons.
  • It can tolerate high temperatures.
  • Unlike Aluminium which radiates heat, uPVC does not radiate heat or cold.

And it also seals air-conditioned rooms, so a significant saving on our electricity bill!

  •     It stands by the theme “Go Green ” yes, they are recyclable, lead and PPA-free.
  • It demands low maintenance, and you can clean easily.
  • This is the best material for countries like India, Africa where mosquitoes and diseases are very common. UPVC comes here to play by making available provision for mosquito nets
  • Use uPVC doors and frames ,it saves much time since there is not much carpentry work needed; just measure the space, followed by installation. It is that simple.
  •  Urban cities with noisy neighborhoods commonly we find, no need to worry. UPVC got it all covered. Soundproof glasses install along with it.
  • With all these features, what about safety measures; we give it a triple plus, with the availability of multiple lock points.
  •  UPVC also covers the Aesthetic aspect, and it is available in a variety of colors, and does not wear/fade easily.
  • Above all, uPVC received “the green building concept” approval since they are free from lead and other hazardous substances.

With all these features in mind, the only question that pops up in your mind is, Is it costly? Absolutely NO! It is much cheaper than Aluminium and Wood.

Stronger, Yet Sleeker:

       Individually Aluminium and UPVC have their advantages. Newer technology has combined the benefits of both of these and has developed Aluminium UPVC windows and doors which are more effective, absolutely no maintenance and after all its cheaper.

It has good insulation properties, and we can enjoy every season and weather condition with these, aesthetic with a variety of shade ranges and stronger.

Security? We are on watch; it is absolutely burglar safe, pest resistant and durable, and a variety of style range is available.

So why wait? Let’s start innovating our society with these new Aluminium UPVC doors and windows, which I am sure will be a revolution in the fenestration industry.