What Makes ‘IamHere’ apart from social media and communities?

With the advent of Covid-19 in the past two years, life has changed drastically. While the world got caught in the interiors of the houses, technology was the only means of communication. The demand for online resources rose to a great extent. 

The technological requirements were plenty, and people all across the globe were trying to fulfil them. Meanwhile, we realized that there were no ways we could connect with the people nearby. Although we knew the significance of several online platforms, the pandemic made us aware of it even more. The present situation made social media a vital aspect of life. 

WhatsApp was present, but it did not allow us to contact our neighbourhood. However, it was not appropriate to get in touch with the nearby stores. It is not possible to keep the contact numbers of all the shops and store them forever. Sometimes the nearby grocery stores do not even have a proper telephone connection. That’s where the problem existed. 

We have Facebook, but practically, it’s to connect with friends all over the world except your neighbourhood. You cannot communicate with your neighbour or the stores in your locality through this. Google Maps tried to introduce such features like this, but it will take time to formulate. 

Even though lockdowns were lifted, they did not end such problems. With restrictions imposed everywhere, it would be best if we could trace people to solve our issues nearby.  There were several kinds of issues, and somehow every issue had its solution in the neighbourhood. 

However, it was not possible to go searching around for people all the time. This seemed the correct time to unite social media and the communities. We wanted people who could repair our electronic devices, different store owners, and many other people. It was essential to connect with people nearby. 

IamHere is the key to all such problems. Neighbourhoods got a whole new definition with IamHere. The founding members of Iamhere are Naren Kumar, Pratik Khade, and Deepa Karthik. It all started with a market survey within different cities conducted by the founder and his team. They tried to find out the several issues that people faced in their daily lives. 

One of the most repeated problems was that of not being able to contact people nearby. Something was needed that allowed people to meet with similar people and interact with them. They were unable to know about events nearby or any promotions. There were a lot of problems in collaborating with the nearby communities. 

These problems were the stepping stone of the idea which is IamHere now. It was these problems that led to the framework of this app. Thus it was a pathway to connect neighbourhoods. 

They tried to solve our day-to-day problems socially. The app connects people through chats from a map-driven discovery. It also allows the users to create stories and events to enhance social connections. There are even more additions to the IamHere app that will be made with time. It has inflated in ten cities all over the country, with almost 1 million users of the app. 

What makes IamHere Different? 

There are some points or features that distinguish the app from all other apps. It offers the customers to connect with people living nearby through one single platform. Be it your next-door neighbour, the person living just beside your apartment, people across streets, and many more. The social connection it offers is infinite. It combines public and private networks through secure networks and models. 

The app allows users to find people with the same hobby, business, or social causes. It is appropriate to connect with people for any purpose, be it work or casual. It allows you to set up a community with like-minded people. 

IamHere is responsible for digitizing neighbourhoods for various reasons. It utilizes the AI-powered location network to bring together neighbours and communities through a single social media platform. It is a hyper-local communication platform, bringing people living nearby together. 

Some of the recognitions won by IamHere

  • The AtmaNirbhar App challenge conducted by the Government of India is the first on the list of its recognition.
  • The Elevate grants of the Karnataka’s Government
  • It got massive appreciation from the Financial Express, Asia One, and Economic times.
  • The app is rated among the Top 10 social media apps present in the country. 


If social media communication is the question, then IamHere is providing the best answers to its customers. With a revolutionary concept of uniting communities, it is moving forward in the perfect direction. Looking at the current rate of expansion of the app within India, it will soon be prepared to rule the world.

This app has changed the everyday lives of people by bringing neighbours closer. Thus, IamHere is there to solve your daily needs and to bring innovation in your daily lives. The new era of social communities is here! 

Thanks for reading.